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Samil Remanufacturing Process

Week 1 - Standard Used Military Vehicle


The beginning of the remanufacturing process starts here.

We take a low mileage standard samil and strip it down to a bear chassis. This process is done because even though some of these vehicles have mileage of 5000km or less they have not been used for years and all the seals, air pipes and wiring is corroded and needs to be replaced.

Week 2 - Rolling Chassis 


The samil truck is now stripped down to bare chassis. The engine is removed and sent to the engine room where it is opened, checked, repaired where necessary, reassembled and tested on a work bench. The gear box, diffs and transfer case are also opened, checked,
cleaned, oil is replaced and put back together.

Week 3 - Reassembling of The Vehicle

samil_recondition_w3  samil_recondition_week3

The refurbished cab and all refurbished items are now fitted to the chassis.

All necessary faulty parts are now replaced with new and/ or recondition parts. New seals, wiring harness, fuel lines and air hoses are fitted.

We also offer a left hand drive conversion which is done in this step. The cab is sprayed to the colour of your choice and is fully reupholstered.

Week 4 - Fitting of The Specified Load body

samil_recondition_week4  samil_recondition_w4

We now fit the required load body to the remanufactured chassis cab.

We can supply the following load bodies:
• Drop side load body (samil 50 + 100)
• Drop tail load body (samil 20)
• Crane with a drop side load body (samil 50 + 100)
• Crane with a drop tail load body (samil 20)
• Personal carrier ( samil 20 + 50 + 100)
• Water tanker (samil 50 + 100)
• Fuel tanker (samil 50 + 100)
• Tipper body (samil 50 + 100)
• Service unit (samil 20 + 50)
• Roll back (samil 100)
• Recovery unit (samil 50 + 100)
• Drill rig (samil 50 + 100) 

Week 5 - Test Drive 

samil_week5  samil_w5

The vehicle has now been remanufactured and follows a strict 600 km road test. The test is broken down into a 100km , 200 km and 300 km drive. Checking the vehicle in our workshop at the end of each test drive. This ensures that the vehicle is in 100% working condition and all seals are seated and the brakes are adjusted. The truck is then put through a road worthy test. This process takes approximately one week and once completed the truck is ready to be delivered.

Week 6 - Paper work 

All registration documents, export documentation, police clearance and roadworthy certificates are completed and ready for delivery.

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